Space Bomber

Space Bomber 1.0

Wait for the right moment to save your planet and stop the space creatures!
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The task of the game is to stop the space creatures. You have to fight your way from the cargo bay to the cockpit and blow up the spaceship before it reaches the planet. You have to defeat all monsters on each stage, to find you way out. Speed up, since the time is limited.

Your time passes quickly, stages are getting harder and harder and you cannot rely on anybody! Collect and use the bonus items—they might be helpful when you are in need.

You can move your character by using the keyboard buttons. You can save the stages you accomplished and you can exit the game at any time.

The are four different types of monsters. The green one is the least powerful enemy, it is relatively slor and dumb, but can surprise you, due to its unpredictability.

Be careful with the purple monster. If it takes notice of you, it will follow you.

The red one is much quicker than the other monsters. Finally,the most dangerous monster is the yellow one. It can get through boxes and even tries to evade your bombs.

This game is a remake of the classic Dyna Blaster action game (also known as Bomberman), with new look, and with some new features.

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